1. It's packed!
    It's packed!
    We got it all in there!
  2. Let's put our banner on it!
    Let's put our banner on it!
    Mohammed and Zack placed our label on the trailer! We are heading to Houston, y'all!
  3. We're here!
    We're here!
    Volunteers from St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church had all hands on deck!
Jeans & Hoodies Fundraiser
2nd Annual Fundraiser to reduce recidivism among ex-offenders! We had some breaker out stars to join the movement.
Hurricane Relief Efforts
With the devestation caused in Texas in the past few weeks; the Abdul-Wakil M Kamal Memorial Foundation, That Girl Empowerment Enterprises are in need of your help and assistance. More to the point, our brothers and sisters in Texas are in need or your help.

Donation drop site is: A.W.M.K.M.F. located at 2035 Shenandoah Avenue, Saint Louis, MO 63104.
"The Talk" Race in America

"The Talk", Race in America

On April 13th, we were invited to watch a screening of "The Talk", Race in America at Washington University, MO. 

Pictured: from left to right
Redditt Hudson, Dr. Christi Griffin, Dan Isom, Paul Berry III, Judge David Mason, Dr. Rho Thomas, Nadida Matin, Mohammed Kamal, and Prof. Kimerly Norwood

Monday March 4 Justice 4 Abdul Kamal

People's Organization for Progress keeping the movement alive for a young man stolen too soon by police brutality. This marks the 94th march that POP has stomped for Abdul Kamal and too many others!

Thanksgiving Homeless Outreach

A.W.M.K. Memorial Foundation and inPDUM reached out to St. Louis' homeless and those deemed "nobodys"! We spent several hours feeding those in need a well-balanced meal that included: Turkey, green beans,  macaroni & cheese, mashed potatoes, stuffing, something sweet and water!


  1. Group Shot
    Group Shot
    Zack, Lawrence, Nadida and Mohammed at the 2017 Jeans & Hoodies Fundraiser
  2. POP Chairman
    POP Chairman
    Mr. Lawrence Hamm
  3. Marlo Gaines
    Marlo Gaines
    Recipient of the Servant Award, Ms. Marlowe Gaines
  4. Carlos & Nadida
    Carlos & Nadida
    Our MC, Carlos Ball and Host Nadida Matin
  5. LA Green
    LA Green
    Our beautiful Refreshments Provider for the evening.
  6. Supporters
    Tango and Jackson, with Marlo Gaines
  7. Supporters
    Miranda, Angela and Robyn
  8. Kinfolk
    These gentlemen provided us with the best music!
  9. Zack & Mohammed
    Zack & Mohammed
    Zack and Mohammed paused for a pic!


At the Abdul-Wakil M Kamal Memorial Foundation's 1st annual foundation, we celebrated the live of Ab. The very diverse crowd was engaged in conversation with each other! We had awesome music and so much fun!

October 8, 2016


October 8, 2016

We cannot wait until next year! For those that were unable to make it, we hope to see you there! We would like to thank everyone who showed up and just as imporantly, we would like to thank everyone who gave their time and dollars!